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Yabusame without the crowds

Simon has become somewhat of a yabusame fan, so we took a daytrip to Mishima (out as far west as Mt Fuji) to see an event. Last time he saw it, in Tokyo, the crowds were thick. But here we could relax and freely move around and get great positions. There are three targets that the rider must attempt to hit, set at an even spacing along the flat, straight course. While riding at a flat out gallop, they msut retrieve each arrow, and get positioned again in time for the next target.
In flightIn flight Post event ceremonyPost event ceremony Receiving sakeReceiving sake
RiderRider Red bridge to tiny island shrineRed bridge to tiny island shrine


A spectacularly clear afternoon, after a very average and cloudy morning.

Fuji and Sakura in bloom

6 views of Fuji san

We took a weekend trip up to Mt Fuji as it was very clear skies - it's more so in winter rather than summer season.

Fuji peeping over into Lake Shoji
Lake Motosu great Red Peak
You never feel like your camera gear is too big in Japan. Here Mt Fuji is stalked by the paparazzi but they all flee quickly after the sun sets, missing the beautiful twilight

Twilight at Lake Motosu

Yacht on the still waters of Lake Yamaguchi by sunrise

Canoes by Lake Yamaguchi

Swans of Lake Yamanaka

Back in Oct - Okutama retreat

It was great to have, the first weekend back, a retreat in the moutains which was a welcomed recoupe after our holidays! The passage for the weekend was "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesian 2:10.

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Autumn colours emergingAutumn colours emerging Weird rocksWeird rocks



What should have been just a simple 1 hour train trip south, turned into a day of train connection mayhem. Still we had a nice time.

Steeped in history, Kamakura was a seat of power 8 centuries ago. Many of the shrines (19) and temples (65 of them) date from this time and in season, the Hydrangeas are beautiful.

Spirit is everywhere

You can't avoid religion in Japan, it is indeed everywhere. Go out into nature you might say, and avoid all the shrines and temples. But even as you may, you will most certainly pass under a tori at the start of the mountain path or else come across places to worship the spirit in nature like here at this waterfall.

Wisteria wonder

Well we had seen some amazing advertising posters of this tree and resolved we should go. A special excursion was planned, although we only realized how far it was after spending 3 hours on the train.

This is tree is really amazing, we went the first day after Golden Week holidays, but I think all the seniors had the same idea to avoid the school kids.

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