Around Hino

We're Australian gaikoku-jin in Japan!

Having arrived in late 2007 we have many interests, including:
- learning about the Japanese culture (& understanding our own cultural heritage more),
- food,
- photography,
- travel.

Tania (posting & write-up) & Simon (photography).


Once again Simon visited Takahatafudo temple in Hino. Despite being out a long way from downtown Tokyo (though conveniently in our city) it is a famous temple were there is a procession every year and the top sumo players visit. The occasion to visit was the magnificent Ajisei (Hydrangeas) covering the hillside behind the temple.

Happy biker

On our walk home from the train station we came across this incredible bike!
And doesn't he just look so happy with himself??
No sneaking up on this guy, eh!No sneaking up on this guy, eh!

Hino Hydrangeas

In our Hino city (suburb of greater Tokyo if you like) there is a big hydrangea park. We went to visit but we were a little early to see the full blooms. I never realized that there is so much variation in these flowers.

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