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New website Sydney Australia

Well as we can no longer really be called the "Hills in Japan" it seems the right time to retire this site as a memory to our time in Japan and to start afresh with a new site for where we are now in Sydney, Australia.

The new site will have a slightly different intent to this one (which was to share a little of our experiences in Japan) and predominately be a personal photo album, for you to browse :-) It is still under construction but stay tuned to for it's arrival!

Note: I do plan to go back and make some more posts (here on this site) from our last days in Japan - farewells, last mochi and things - just to round things off.

Been down, and lazy

Well once again I have been left high and dry in the finicky world of free web hosting. Free is nice but so far it has not been reliable.

I keep thinking that I will find a good host worth paying for when we've got a nice web site up for Simons photos, something more worthwhile...

Well now there are some 15 posts or more going back to March that you'll need to catchup on reading:-) Don't forget to log on to see them all.

Tsukiji reversing month-old ban on tourists

"The world's largest fish market is reversing a month-old ban on tourists at its riotous early-morning auctions."
"Some tourists had been caught hugging, licking and even riding the huge frozen tuna that are Tsukiji's most arresting sight, an official said."
- no it wasn't Caleb!
"He said tourists will be allowed to visit all areas of the market from 0500 to 0615 local time starting from 19 January."
sourced from BBC

If you are interested in the general flow of activies to get the catch of the day from sea to sushi shop at "Tokyo's Central Wholesale Market" in Tsukiji here is an interesting to Metropolis feature article "Off the hook"

Tsukiji auction now closed to public!

Getting up at 4am to catch the first train at 4:28 from Toyoda station was quite a strain. Some of Simon’s uni colleagues joining us, decided it would be easier to stay up all night although the 1hour trip to downtown Tokyo took its toll with a few shut eyes. We arrived in time to see the tuna auctions in enormous sheds (separate fresh and frozen sections), and the hive of activity that surrounds this. I would say you have to see it for yourself, but it seems the morning we went was the last time it is open to public, so it was definitely worth the effort of an early morning rise! After the auctions we visited the tightly compacted markets which are perhaps more interesting with the incredible variety of seafood and to see the care with which the large fresh tuna are portioned up. Then for breakfast we ate sushi at the tiny nearby Daiwa Sushi, which is also quite a famous requiring us to wait in queue (for nearly an hour). Log on and click here to see more photos…

Back online

Finally the site is back up.

What happened, you ask? Well, as I can't decide on a hosting company to use yet, I was using/trying out a "free" post-2-host and they went belly up. Not too surprised! Still this site is not critical so I've found yet another free host in Australia this time. So we'll see how it goes.

Sorry to everyone that recently wrote comments or created an account (please make it again), I only did a backup before our holidays (1/8) so there was about a month whilst I was away that I didn't do any backups - I lost a big writeup and pictures that I posted on our trip around Western Honshu (Honshu is the main island of Japan) so if anyone happens (in a slim chance) to have the text still in an RSS feed .....?


Better late than never... (the first post)

...seems to hold quite well for my siblings and I, although I'm not sure my husband would quite agree :-)

Enter through our door ... to JapanEnter through our door ... to Japan

So after being away for some time, it is about time to organize a better way to keep in contact (well at least let everyone know what we are up to). Hence the development of this site.

I hope you enjoy it!

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