About Us

We're Australian gaikoku-jin in Japan!

Having arrived in late 2007 we have many interests, including:
- learning about the Japanese culture (& understanding our own cultural heritage more),
- food,
- photography,
- travel.

Tania (posting & write-up) & Simon (photography).

New website Sydney Australia

Well as we can no longer really be called the "Hills in Japan" it seems the right time to retire this site as a memory to our time in Japan and to start afresh with a new site for where we are now in Sydney, Australia.

The new site will have a slightly different intent to this one (which was to share a little of our experiences in Japan) and predominately be a personal photo album, for you to browse :-) It is still under construction but stay tuned to www.hillground.com for it's arrival!

Note: I do plan to go back and make some more posts (here on this site) from our last days in Japan - farewells, last mochi and things - just to round things off.

Better late than never... (the first post)

...seems to hold quite well for my siblings and I, although I'm not sure my husband would quite agree :-)

Enter through our door ... to JapanEnter through our door ... to Japan

So after being away for some time, it is about time to organize a better way to keep in contact (well at least let everyone know what we are up to). Hence the development of this site.

I hope you enjoy it!

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