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Been down, and lazy

Well once again I have been left high and dry in the finicky world of free web hosting. Free is nice but so far it has not been reliable.

I keep thinking that I will find a good host worth paying for when we've got a nice web site up for Simons photos, something more worthwhile...

Well now there are some 15 posts or more going back to March that you'll need to catchup on reading:-) Don't forget to log on to see them all.

An very un-Tokyo building

Two good things have come of my bad left knee:
1. Finding a very good knee surgeon, Dr. Toyoda.
2. Discovering this fantastic art nouveau style building on the way to his clinic in Waseda.

I didn't expect to find this building in Tokyo, and if felt like I was back in Brussels! I'm now keen to find who the architect is and some of the history behind this building as it is most unlike Tokyo buildings.


A spectacularly clear afternoon, after a very average and cloudy morning.

Kite festival

On Childrens Day, 5th of May we went to the Great Kite festival at Sagami.

Azalas, Weddings and Noh

We found some fantastic places for viewing azaleas, the only problems was we visited them about a week too late!
We also went to Meji-jingu to see the festive activities, particularly the Noh performance which to our un-training eyes was a slow and labourious performance. We were greatly indebted to a visiting Assistant Professor (a chance meeting) who explained more of the Noh style and later sent us a copy of the play script.
A traditional wedding procession, often seen at the shrine.


Simon went to see a Yabusame festival which features archery on horse back.

Crowds and processionsCrowds and processions Rider with weaponRider with weapon
Releasing the arrowReleasing the arrow Judges sitting perilously next to the target!Judges sitting perilously next to the target!

Ready...Ready... Aim...Aim... Fire......Scored!Fire......Scored!

Mid flightMid flight DepartureDeparture

Sakura Photos

Some of Simons favourite sakura photos:

Fuji and Sakura in bloom

Ome for ume again

Simon was very pleased that we arrived back from Okinawa just in time to catch the plum (ume) blossom at it's peak. Once again returning to the orchard spread arcoss the hillside near Ome city (west of Tokyo).

Yaeyama and Okinawa Islands

Here are some of pictures from our 9 day trip to the far south of Japan. The culture is really quite different to that of mainland Japan as the Ryukyu Kingdom only became a prefecture of Japan in 1879. Located at the confluence of many trading routes there exists a stronger Chinese influence in food and architecture (than the mainland).

Okinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium Shuri-jo (castle) in NahaShuri-jo (castle) in Naha Kabira bay (Ishigaki) famous black pearlsKabira bay (Ishigaki) famous black pearls Sit still and shells begin to walk!Sit still and shells begin to walk! Amazing blues of the coral beachesAmazing blues of the coral beaches Kayaking out to Senga falls (Iriomote)Kayaking out to Senga falls (Iriomote) Early rice paddies of IriomoteEarly rice paddies of Iriomote Tsukigahama (Iriomote) the with finest sandTsukigahama (Iriomote) the with finest sand Haemida beach (Iriomote) with usual rocksHaemida beach (Iriomote) with usual rocks

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