Tohoku Festivals

We've just returned from a 10day trip to the Northern regions of the main (Honshu) island. As always there was not enough time. On this trip we lined up a number of the regional festivals, including the "Nebuta Matsuri" in Aomori which is considered the largest festival in Japan.

"Kanto Matsuri" in Akita"Kanto Matsuri" in Akita This festival was not so much a parade but a display of stength and balance. It starts by lifting the bamboo pole with lit lanterns with outstretch arm above their head. After balancing it is slide down to the forehead, shoulder and hip.
"Sansa Matsuri" in Morioka"Sansa Matsuri" in Morioka Really amazing sound of drums, reverberating and filling the entire street.
"Nebuta Mastsuri" in Aomori"Nebuta Mastsuri" in Aomori The floats in this parade were dramatic being 3D with wire supports holding their shape. Fully illuminated in the evening made for a spectacular albeit rather scary sight.
To balance all the activity and crowds we visited some beautiful and revitalising nature.
Oirase Valley by Towada LakeOirase Valley by Towada Lake Hotokegaura cliffs of Shimokita PennisulaHotokegaura cliffs of Shimokita Pennisula