Yaeyama and Okinawa Islands

Here are some of pictures from our 9 day trip to the far south of Japan. The culture is really quite different to that of mainland Japan as the Ryukyu Kingdom only became a prefecture of Japan in 1879. Located at the confluence of many trading routes there exists a stronger Chinese influence in food and architecture (than the mainland).

Okinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium Shuri-jo (castle) in NahaShuri-jo (castle) in Naha Kabira bay (Ishigaki) famous black pearlsKabira bay (Ishigaki) famous black pearls Sit still and shells begin to walk!Sit still and shells begin to walk! Amazing blues of the coral beachesAmazing blues of the coral beaches Kayaking out to Senga falls (Iriomote)Kayaking out to Senga falls (Iriomote) Early rice paddies of IriomoteEarly rice paddies of Iriomote Tsukigahama (Iriomote) the with finest sandTsukigahama (Iriomote) the with finest sand Haemida beach (Iriomote) with usual rocksHaemida beach (Iriomote) with usual rocks