Autumn gone - but not forgotten

During autumn I was planning on changing the colours and theme of this site with the seasons but somehow time has escaped me (now it is past and plum blossom season has almost started)! However, the colours were amazing and are worth revisiting...
Contrasting red against blue sky and lakeContrasting red against blue sky and lake The path leading to the bridgeThe path leading to the bridge

The Japanese pay a great deal of attention to the seasons and it is popular just to go out "viewing". Indeed the maple season rivals that of the cherry blossoms, although all through the year there are so many different flowers and colours that if you're attentive there is some beautiful nature to see at almost anytime.

EmergingEmerging Full to lateFull to late

Like the "hanami" (flower viewing during cherry blossom season) the autumn colours do not come all at once. In any one park there may be leaves still green whilst others are bright shades of red and yellow. In general the maple leaves turn at a later time than other deciduous trees.
Stepping stonesStepping stones Brilliant illumination from behindBrilliant illumination from behind